Whether you are a creative or business owner, Your goal is either to drive traffic, make sales and build your brand while you are at it! There are thousands of ways to promote your content but in this blog post, I will share; Five solid WAYS to promote your content and HOW to get started … Continue reading FIVE WAYS TO PROMOTE YOUR CONTENT


LET'S DISCUSS FOR 30 - 45 MINUTES A detailed Consultation where we will discuss everything social media and monetizing your brand to make sales (Business owners) OR Earn revenue through services (Content creators) It's the 21st century and now, Networking and businesses are gradually becoming digitalised. Whether it's content creation or consumption. As insatiable humans … Continue reading BRAND CONSULTATION WITH OYINDASOLA


It's no secret that over the years social media has drastically gained more influence in the real world, it has gotten to a point that the virtual world is gaining more importance than our reality. With the advent of apps like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, What's app, YouTube and tiktok, Social media has not only become … Continue reading THE PHONE PRESSING GENERATION HAS MADE A CAREER FROM SOCIAL MEDIA


     Growing up, I heard about history, the colonization of Africans, the slave trades, suffering, brutality, battery  and let's not forget the inhumane discrimination that has crawled into the present time.       I grew up into a world of told and untold stories, A world that has continuously downcasted the dark skinned and portrayed them wrongly. … Continue reading BEING AFRICAN

SELF-CARE (putting yourself first)

How many times have you told someone "No", plainly, without strings attached or without trying to sugar coat it? How many times have you confronted someone for telling you lies or stabbing you at the back? How many times have you stood up for yourself and put someone in their places? If never. Then let … Continue reading SELF-CARE (putting yourself first)

Depression:The Silent Killer

         Ever felt restless, and disoriented? Even felt confused or absent minded? a pinch of sadness with a drop of inferiority- that's depression         Major depressive disorder (MDD), commonly known as clinical depression, is one of the most common mental disorders worldwide. Many different factors can contribute to a person’s depressive state and depression is often … Continue reading Depression:The Silent Killer

The massacre that scarred Nigeria

For the past fifteen days, the END SARS(Special anti robbery squad) movement, in Various states of Nigeria has undergone a lot of struggles, from the Alleged sponsored thugs, to the prison break out, all these were suspected to have been done in order to irritate the protests into resulting in violence. The citizens and youths … Continue reading The massacre that scarred Nigeria


People are literally stereotyped to worry about everything and anything, while some worry about their appearances others worry about critiques and their personalities. Unknowingly judging themselves and pointing out the flaws creating an unhealthy self consciousness that takes away their piece of mind, they start to base their worth on the words of others and … Continue reading INSECURITIES